Lesson 12
Sofia Tviy tato pratsyuye? Does your dad work?
John Tak, vin pratsyuye. Yes, he works.
Yaka yoho profesiya? What is his profession?
Sofia Vin inzhener. He is an engineer.
John Tvoya mama pratsyuye? Does your mother work?
Sofia Tak, vona takozh pratsyuye. Yes, she also works.
Yaka yiyi profesiya? What is her profession?
John Vona likarka. She is a doctor.

Grammar Notes

Like many other European languages, Ukrainian makes a distinction between masculine nouns and feminine nouns. In general, these nouns can be distinguished as follows:

Feminine nouns: All nouns ending with -a or -ya
Masculine nouns: All other nouns

The possessive pronoun [your] varies depending on whether it modifies a masculine or a feminine noun.

Tviy - masculine [your]
Tvoya - feminine [your]

So we say:
Tviy tato and Tvoya mama for [your father] and [your mother], respectively.