Lesson 16
John Anton, mozhna pozychyty tvoyu mashynu? Anton, is it possible to borrow your car?
Anton Chomu tobi potribna mashyna? Why do you need a car?
John Tomu shcho, ya xochu poyixaty v Karpaty. Because I want to go to the Carpathians.
Anton Chomu v Karpaty? Why to the Carpathians?
John Ya xochu vidvidaty selo, de narodyvsya miy did. I want to visit the village where my grandfather was born.
Anton Ya rozumiyu. Zvychayno! I understand. Of course!
Poyidesh sam chy z kymos? Will you go alone, or with someone?
John Z Mariannoyu. With Maryanna.
Anton Harno. Koly poyidesh? Nice. When will you leave?
John Na vyxidni. In the weekend.

Grammar Notes

The word mozhna has no exact translation in English, but it means something like [Is it possible to?] and is used to request permission.

mozhna pozychyty tvoyu mashynu? would translate word-for-word to [Is-it-possible-to borrow your car?]

Poyidesh is a perfective verb meaning [will go (by vehicle)]. The Ukrainian language makes a distinction between going by foot and going by vehicle).