Lesson 19
John Chym mozhemo tut zaymatysya? What can we do for fun around here?
Villager U nas ye lis, ye richka. At our place there is a forest, there is a river.
mozhete xodyty v lis hulyaty. You can go to the forest for a walk.
Mozhete plavaty v richtsi. You can swim in the river.
Mozhete skushtuvaty moyu horilku. Davayte! You can taste my horilka (vodka). Let's do it!
Villager Vy holodni? Are you hungry?
John Tak! Yes!
Villager Os, varenyky. Pryhoshchaytesya! Here are some varenykies (dumplings). Help yourselves.

Grammar Notes

mozhemo means [we can].

The word vy can mean [you] (formal) or [you] (plural).

Thus, the vy conjugation of verbs can also be used for [you] (plural).