Lesson 21
Anton Yak bulo v Karpatax? How were the Carpathians?
John Bulo duzhe pryyemno! It was very pleasant!
Anton Yaka bula pohoda? How was the weather?
John Pohoda bula harna. The weather was beautiful.
Bulo duzhe sonyachno! It was very sunny.
Yaka bula pohoda u Lvovi? How was the weather in Lviv?
Anton Pohoda bula duzhe pohana. Ves den padav doshch. The weather was very bad. It rained the whole day.
John Tse pohano. That is bad.

Grammar Notes

The phrase [How was ___?] has a number of different forms, depending on what is being talked about. This phrase varies by whether the noun talked about is masculine, feminine, or neuter.

Yak bulo ___? - Neuter
Yak buv ___? - Masculine
Yaka bula ___? - Feminine