Lesson 3
Anton Dobryy den! Hello!
Maryanna Pryvit, Antone! Hi, Anton!
Yak spravy? How are you?
Anton Dobre! A u tebe? Good! And you?
Maryanna Takozh dobre! Also good!
Anton Shcho ty robysh? What are you doing?
Maryanna Ya chytayu knyhu, a ty? I'm reading a book, and you?
Anton Ya ydu na robotu. I'm going to work.

Grammar Notes

Pryvit is an informal way to say hello between friends, equivalent to [Hi] in English.

Yak spravy? literally means [How things?], and means something like [How are things?]. Note that the verb [are] is omitted.

vy is the formal form of the word [you], which is used between strangers.

ty is the informal form of the word [you], which is used between friends.

Shcho ty robysh? which translates word-for-word to [What you do?] is used to ask [What are you doing?], in the sense of [What are you doing right now?].