Lesson 4
Anton Marianno, ty znayesh moho druha Dzhona? Maryanna, do you know my friend John?
Maryanna Ni, ya yohohim ne znayu. No, I don't know him.
Anton Marianno, tse Dzhon. Dzhone, tse Marianna. Maryanna, this is John. John, this is Maryanna.
Maryanna Pryvit! Hi!
John Pryvit! Hi!
Maryanna Zvidky ty? Where are you from?
John Ya z Ameryky. I'm from America.
Ty ukrayinka? Are you Ukrainian?
Maryanna Tak, ya ukrayinka. Yes, I am Ukrainian.
A ty rozmovlyayesh ukrayinskoyu? And do you speak Ukrainian?
John Tak, ya troxy rozmovlyayu ukrayinskoyu. Yes, I speak a little Ukrainian.

Grammar Notes

The name Dzhon (John) becomes Dzhona when it acts as the object of a verb. In Ukrainian many nouns will change their endings depending on their function in a sentence.

To ask a yes/no question in Ukrainian, the order of words is [subject]+[verb]+[object]. As you can see in the examples in the dialogue:

ty znayesh moho druha? which translates word-for-word to [You know my friend?].

ty rozmovlyayesh ukrayinskoyu which translates word-for-word to [You speak Ukrainian?]