Lesson 8
Teacher Dobryy den, studenty! Hello, students.
John Dobryy den, Pani vchytelko! Hello, Mrs. Teacher.
Teacher U vas ye pytannya? Do you have a question?
John Ya mayu pytannya! I have a question!
Teacher Proshu! Please!
John Yak skazaty po-ukrayinsky [car]? How do you say [car] in Ukrainian?
Teacher Mashyna. Mashina.
John Yak skazaty po-ukrayinsky [toto have lunch]? How do you say [to have lunch] in Ukrainian?
Teacher Obidaty. Obidaty.
John Dyakuyu. Thank you.
Teacher Proshu! You're welcome.

Grammar Notes

There are two ways to express possession in Ukrainian, represented by the examples below.

To express the English sentence [I have a question]:

  1. Ya mayu pytannya , which means literally [I have question].
  2. U mene ye pytannya which means literally [In me is question].

Both of the above forms are acceptable.

To express the English question [Do you have a question?], we can use the following forms:

  1. vy mayete pytannya?, which means [You have question?].
  2. U vas ye pytannya?, which means literally [In you is question?].