Lesson 9
Teacher Shche ye pytannya? Are there more questions?
John Tak. Shcho oznachaye [robota]? Yes. What does [robota] mean?
Teacher [Work]. [Work].
John Shcho oznachaye [zi mnoyu]? What does [zi mnoyu] mean?
Teacher [With me]. napryklad, [Xochesh obidaty zi mnoyu?] [With me]. For example, [Hochesh obiday zi mnoyu?]
[Do you want to have lunch with me?] [Do you want to have lunch with me?]
John Duzhe dyakuyu. Thanks a lot.

Grammar Notes

The word ye means [there is] or [there are].

ye pytannya? means [Are-there questions?].

Shche means [even more].

Shche ye pytannya? means [Are there any more questions?].