Dialogue 2

Anton Звідки Звідкиfrom-where Zvidky Звідкиfrom-where ви? виyou vy? виyou Where are you from?
John Я ЯI Ya ЯI з зfrom z зfrom Америки. АмерикиAmerica Ameryky. АмерикиAmerica А Аand A Аand ви? виyou vy? виyou I'm from America. And you?
Anton Я ЯI Ya ЯI з зfrom z зfrom України. УкраїниUkraine Ukrayiny. УкраїниUkraine I'm from Ukraine.
А Аand A Аand ви виyou vy виyou студент? студентstudent student? студентstudent Are you a student?
John Так, Такyes Tak, Такyes я яI ya яI студент. студентstudent student. студентstudent Yes, I'm a student.
А Аand A Аand ви? виyou vy? виyou Ви Виyou Vy Виyou також такожalso takozh такожalso студент? студентstudent student? студентstudent And you? Are you also a student?
Anton Ні, Ніno Ni, Ніno я яI ya яI працюю. працююwork pratsyuyu. працююwork No, I work.
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Grammar Notes

 In Ukrainian, although there do exist words for the verbs [is / am / are], in practice they are always omitted.

Thus to say [I am a student], Ukrainians just say [I student] or Я студент.

To say [I am from America], Ukrainians, just say [I from America] or Я з Америки .

In questions, the verb [is / am / are] is also dropped. To ask [Are you a student?], just say [You student?], i.e. Ви студент?.

Similarly, to ask [Where are you from?], just say [From-where you?], i.e. Звідки ви?.

Note that the Ukrainians use a single word Звідки to express the phrase [from where].

The Ukrainian words for [Yes] and [No] are Так and Ні, respectively.

Я is the word for the pronoun [I]. ви is the formal form of the pronoun [you].

For more information on Ukrainian pronouns, see Pronouns in the Grammar section.

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