Dialogue 3

Anton Добрий Добрийgood Dobryy Добрийgood день! день day den! день day Hello!
Maryanna Привіт, ПривітHi Pryvit, ПривітHi Антоне! Антоне Anton Antone! Антоне Anton Hi, Anton!
Як Якhow Yak Якhow справи? справи affairs spravy? справи affairs How are you?
Anton Добре! Добреgood Dobre! Добреgood А Аand A Аand у уin u уin тебе? тебе you tebe? тебе you Good! And you?
Maryanna Також Такожalso Takozh Такожalso добре! добре good dobre! добре good Also good!
Anton Що Щоwhat Shcho Щоwhat ти тиyou ty тиyou робиш? робиш you-do robysh? робиш you-do What are you doing?
Maryanna Я ЯI Ya ЯI читаю читаюread chytayu читаюread книгу, книгуbook knyhu, книгуbook а аand a аand ти? ти you ty? ти you I'm reading a book, and you?
Anton Я ЯI Ya ЯI йду йдуgo ydu йдуgo на наon na наon роботу. роботуwork robotu. роботуwork I'm going to work.
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Grammar Notes

Привіт is an informal way to say hello between friends, equivalent to [Hi] in English.

Як справи? literally means [How things?], and means something like [How are things?]. Note that the verb [are] is omitted.

ви is the formal form of the word [you], which is used between strangers.

ти is the informal form of the word [you], which is used between friends.

Що ти робиш? which translates word-for-word to [What you do?] is used to ask [What are you doing?], in the sense of [What are you doing right now?].

For more on how to conjugate verbs in the present tense, see Present Tense in the Grammar section.

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